Cookin’ In The Shed with MIlton McCauley II & Rob Devious

There was a faint smell in the air as I walked into the shed in Fairless Hills, PA. A smell reminiscent of cigarettes and a myriad of crazy nights, could enter your lungs and take you out surprise. This was the kind of place described in stories that often begin with, “You remember that time at…”

To some it just may seem like a vagrant’s dream home, but to Rob Devious and Milton, it is the studio.

More than just a spot to hangout with artists and shoot the breeze, the shed has been the location where many different South Jersey and Pennsylvania hip-hop artist have recorded music.

The photos below are of Rob’s Shed.

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens

This is the place where much of their CORFU family (including the Skumbag Millionaire, Skrewtape) have laid down tracks. It is also the place where Rob Devious has crafted sounds that would make J.Dilla bob his head and even the location of countless backyard shows, that used to included throwing a member of the group out of window as part of the act.

Milton & Rob Shoot (8)

The walls of the shed are decorated by random tags and drawings made by visitors. While larger portions of the wall parts are taken up by art by Ask? and Sev1.

Milton & Rob Shoot (1)

Milton (left) and Rob (Right), trying to figure out what song they should start working on next.

Milton & Rob Shoot (13)

Getting to work.

McCauley is an artist with the ability to rap and sing, he is currently attending Albright College. Rob on the other hand is a producer whose dabbles in all different type of music, including Hip-Hop, Punk, EDM, and R&B.

Milton & Rob Shoot (19)

Rob Devious showcasing some of his production.

Milton & Rob Shoot (22)

Here is Milton writing lyrics to an instrumental being played on Rob’s Laptop. The track being worked on is the introduction to his currently untitled project.


Milton II on Soundcloud, Facebook & Twitter.

Rob D on Soundcloud, Facebook & Twitter.

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  1. Dan Emmons says :

    Looks great man thanks a lot!

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